File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
 cuda_util.cuhThis file contains simple cuda utility functions
 cuda_vec_util.cuhThis file contains operator overloads and utility functions for cuda built in vectors
 example_checkpoint_signals.cuExample on the usage of the Unity structure's checkpointing and ways to use c signals
 example_unity.cuExample on the usage of the Unity structure
 Feature.cuhThis file contains all feature/feature descriptor definitions
 FeatureFactory.cuhThis file contains the base feature class definition
 Image.cuhImage related structs, methods and CUDA kernels
 MatchFactory.cuhThis file contains all feature matching methods
 matrix_util.cuhFile for housing matrix utility functions
 MeshFactory.cuhThis file contains all mesh generation methods
 Octree.cuhThis file contains everything related to the CUDA Octree
 PointCloudFactory.cuhThis file contains methods for deriving point clouds
 Quadtree.cuhFile contains all things related to CUDA Quadtree
 Unity.cuhFile containing Unity class and CUDA error handlers